Alternatives to Onlyfans For Selling adult Content Online

Alternatives to Onlyfans For Selling adult Content Online

In August, Onlyfans announced their intention to ban explicit adult content. That ban has been suspended, but creators of adult content should explore their options. There are many alternatives to Onlyfans, and each one has its benefits and drawbacks. We’ve highlighted some of the best alternatives below. Consider all of these options when selling adult content online. They’re all worth checking out.


While OnlyFans offers the best revenue stream for creators, the company offers a more flexible and affordable subscription service. For example, regular users can register on the site and subscribe to the models they like. The price of the subscription is determined by the model and barely makes up for the cost of the content. Unlockd offers a similar subscription model but is designed for female content creators. Users can customize their subscription plans based on their preferences and decide how much to charge each model.

The site’s popularity is largely driven by its fetish section, which features a number of creators who have created their own content. In fact, many of the popular gay porn stars have signed up to perform on JustForFans, including Ford and RopeTrainKeep. Content creators take a 30% cut of every sale, but can opt to donate their income to charities of their choice.


Both of these platforms are ideal for selling self-produced pornography and provide a safe environment for its users. Most of these sites charge a commission of up to 20% of sales. However, SomeVids have a strict policy that prevents ordinary users from viewing certain content. MV Crush, for example, allows users to create and sell fan clubs for their videos. The company also pays 80% of its profits back to the performers. AVN stands for Adult Video News. The site allows users to share and sell a variety of sexually explicit videos.

While OnlyFans and ManyVids have similar features and layouts, ManyVids is the more popular among users. Similarly, both platforms have good search functionality and improved profile browsing options. Using these sites makes it easier for users to discover new content creators and build adult communities. The website has over 100 million users and has over 1 million creators.


If you’re considering releasing adult content online, you’ve probably considered using an alternative to Onlyfans. AdmireMe is an adult content creator site that enables users to earn from their work by selling subscriptions. Users can subscribe to a creator’s videos and articles, and pay a small fee to access the content. Once a subscriber becomes a member, they can view all of their content, and can even buy it from you!

When selling ault content through AdmireMe, you can set a price range that suits your viewers. For example, you can charge $5 to $45, depending on the content you’re selling. Keep prices low for the first few days, and increase them as subscribers grow. This way, you can make more money! However, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t sell the entire content at once – you have to be patient and promote it as much as you can.


After the recent scandal involving OnlyFans and its controversial policy change, creators have begun looking for an alternative. While OnlyFans’ management has made the changes to maintain its reputation, this is not enough to prevent creators from posting content that is inappropriate. Other subscription platforms are more likely to accept adult content, which is a significant benefit to creators. IsMyGuy is one such alternative.

Unlockd is another adult video-sharing site that promises the best experience for content creators. While both sites accept adult content, Unlockd focuses on the quality of service while maintaining a low price. The site also guarantees customer support twenty-four hours a day and pays its creators once a week. It is a great alternative to OnlyFans, especially if you want to sell ault content.


xModel is a platform that offers customized solutions for models and content creators. Instead of being restricted to only uploading photos and videos, users can sell their custom content with a subscription model. This allows creators to make 100% of their profits without compromising on quality or safety. Users can sell subscriptions, custom content via pay-per-view, merchandise, live streaming, camming, and more. The platform also allows users to manage their accounts and check their earnings statistics.

OnlyFans’ recent policy changes have left creators and subscribers in limbo, so it’s important to find a platform that works for you. This option can be difficult to find, but if you’re passionate about your work and are looking to earn money online, xModel is a good alternative to Onlyfans. OnlyFans’ policy change is unlikely to affect many of your subscribers, so your newest option is to create a new account with xModel.